We're now offering a repair service for jeans and jumpers.

If you have something you'd like mended, please do get in touch via the contact page.

Visible mending, a.k.a darning, patching and stitching is great for repairing holes but can also be used as a preventative reinforcement, or to cover stains, and even just to jazz up and customise your clothes!

We are much less likely to throw our clothes away if we have mended them even just once. Our garment becomes more precious, and unique. As repairs build up over time, the garment starts to tell its own story, starts to hold memories.

We know that we cannot go on investing in fast fashion, engaging in this ‘buy-discard-buy-discard’ cycle, compromising on both quality and ethics. It isn’t cheaper if you need to replace clothing often, and there is a cost to the environment. Buying better quality (including second hand), and repairing your clothing long term is a much more mindful and economic choice.

If you'd like to learn how to repair your own clothes, we have an online darning workshop over at Lark & Bower, which is suitable for all levels, even total beginners!