Swatch Collection

The swatches are a mix of qualities and weights depending on the season, serving as inspiration for a variety of different products across the fashion and interior markets, depending on the context in which they are being viewed.

Each collection is created as a result of extensive and ongoing research of current and forecasted trends, enabling clients to purchase ideas that are relevant and ready to use - to have something tactile to work with that has already come into form.

‚ÄčInspiration is constantly being drawn from a variety of sources, including past, current and forecasted trends in the materials, arts, fashion, product and design world, often experimenting in the learning and reworking of both traditional and new weaving techniques.

The swatches can be used to illustrate a colour palette, visually communicate a mood or concept, or be developed and reproduced with a mill, but above all the swatches are created to inspire.

There is only ever one made of any design, ensuring that the same design cannot be sold twice, giving the client full exclusivity.

We provide full technical information for each swatch, to aid the development process with mills and suppliers.

‚ÄčFabric and Colour Consultancy

We offer design and technical expertise to brands, to help realise the possibilities around their initial ideas or moodboards, from developing a colour palette, to swatching and refining fabric ideas on loom.

Custom Hand Woven Lengths

As a result of the above design development process, we can provide production of small quantities of hand-woven fabric for runway, haute couture or for other projects.